R.Kelly R.Kelly'd an Inteview For Being Questioned On R.Kelly'ing With Minors

As the title clearly states, R. Kelly walked out on an interview with HuffPost Live today and before I go any further with this post, let's be honest, we all forgot about R.Kelly. Not R.Kelly: The Artist, of course. I'm pretty sure that I could wander into the last convince store standing in southern Baghdad after getting the prom night special courtesy of American military intervention humming the tune to Ignition and, at least, one clerk will shout "...and after the paaarrrty is the AFTER party!". We all know R.Kelly the artist just fine and dandy and we'll look forward to hearing him at our next family reunion always held at the same damn broke ass gazebo in College Park. The thing is, we've forgotten about R.Kelly: The Man. The man who, as a child was instructed to watch and document adults having sex. The man who was molested by an older woman at eight years old which instilled within him a warped, twisted perspective on how sexual activity should be approached and the age of partners it should be approached. A man who for years had everyone (including his fan base) all but certain he was having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He then goes and MARRIES that 15-year-old girl in his lifelong effort of looking his fans in the face and proverbially pissing in their eye. Some people often wonder about the psychology of such a person. They make theories as to what drove he/she to do what they did or, even worse, try to rationalize that person's behavior by blaming their victims. So what if Aaliyah was famous. So what if some of her videos had sexually explicit undertones. So what if she fucking consented. That consent is null and void because she was a fucking child with a man obsessed with child fucking, but the black community as a whole proceeded to let him churn out "meh" after "aight" album one after another because he can sing well. Fuck you. Fuck you and everyone who allows this to happen by not doing anything or saying something all day every day so that his actions publicly brand him.

.... So I guess fuck me too.

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